10. Khooni Nadi, Delhi.

Haunted places and haunted activities aren’t something new in India. Khooni nadi in India is located near the core of Delhi in the Rohini district.

Khooni nadi has the ability to suck people within if you touch the water..Khooni nadi is a small river enclosed by green vegetation & trees, believed to be haunted place.

local have reported witnessing several strange occurrences here. It is said that if anyone decides to roam around the khooni nadi in the course of the evening time could hear unusual sound, mostly consisting of people crying.

it is true tough, it is consider as one of the haunted place in india.

9. Old changi beach and old changi beach, Singapore.

The place is abandoned now and it is claimed to be haunted by the spirit of the Chinese soldiers. The hospital was built in 1935. Many Chinese soldiers were killed by the Japanese on the beach.

The Japanese kampeitai (Japanese imperial secret police) occupied the hospital and turned it into a tortured camp during world war ll.

There have also been report of headless soldiers on the beach at night .

isn’t it horrifying.

8. Screaming tunnel, Canada.

Another haunted place located beneath the railway track from Toronto to New York via Niagara fall. The legends folks of the death of a young girl about 100 year ago. It is said that the girl’s farm house located at the south entrance of the tunnel, caught fire. The girl burning in fire ran toward in search of help but died inside the tunnel.

Ever since, if someone light a fire inside the tunnel, the screams of the girl are heard and the fire dies out.

7. Akershus castle, Norway.

Many claim the erstwhile strategic fortress & prison built in 1290s to be the haunted place in the world. The castle that was also a site for Nazi executions is said to be haunted by a robed woman & malcanisen dog.

It is said that whoever sees the spirit is doomed to die in the future.

6. Edinburgh castle, Scotland.

The iconic heritage castle is known to be the haunted place in Scotland. Edinburgh itself has been called the most haunted city in all of Europe. On various occasions, visitors to the castle have reported a phantom piper, a headless drummer, the spirits of French prisoners from the Seven Years War and colonial prisoners from the American Revolutionary War even the ghost of a dog wandering in the grounds’ dog cemetery.

Several volunteers reported ghost sight ever since people have started taking the place seriously.

5. Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia.

Monte cristo homestead is a haunted mansion in the new south Wales, state of Australia. Haunted stories related to Mrs crawley, the owner never came out of the house for 23 years after her husband died and when he died, it is believed that her body-less phantom ha been haunting her room.

People have claimed to witness her body-less ghost in the window. Strange voice, flickering lights, and the floating ghost in the corridor. Reports of accidents and murders in the mansion have also been there in the past.

The mansion is popular as one of the haunted place in the world.

4. Ramoji Film city, India.

Being one of the biggest film cities in the country, this place is home to lot of hotel which have been projected to a lot of controversies because of the reported supernatural activities in and around them. Many supernatural activities are witness like the light kept on top, keep falling off, the light man who sits with the lights on the top have been pushed so many times grievous injuries. The food left in the room also gets scattered around the room and strange mark are left on the mirrors. Females are targeted by the ghost than the males.

Girls reported an invisible force tearing their clothes off. while some said they felt someone knock their washroom doors, the rooms remains locked from the inside that created a havoc.

3. Poveglia, Italy.

Poveglia is a small island located between Venice and lido in Venetian lagoon northern Italy. The island first appear in the historical record in 421 & was populated until the resident fled warfare in 1379 .

In beginning of 1766, the island was used as quarantine station for those suffering the plague and other disease for more than hundred years & later as a mental hospital Because of this, the island have frequently featured paranormal activities.

The mental asylum closed in 1968 & the island is vacant since.

2. Bhangarh fort, India.

Bhangarh is consider as one of the most haunted place in India and it is also one of the spookiest places you could possibly imagine.

It should be noted that if you decide to visit this place after the sun goes down , you are not allowed to go in, In fact there is strict warning about how dangerous this place becomes after sunset.

1. The Queen marry, long beach, California.

The people on the ship has witness lot of apparitions.During her 60 years history, the Queen marry was the site of 49 reported deaths so there are plenty of potential spirits to haunt.

The reported haunting include a young crewman in the engine room, swimmer in the first class pool, a man in black and a woman in blue. In the hotel Queen Mary room B 340 is said to be the most haunted place on the ship.

During Queen Mary’s days transporting troops for the war, she was involved in a terrible accident. During a routine voyage the Queen Mary accidentally hit an allied ship, causing it to sink and taking the lives of 200 men. This area is believed to be a paranormal hot spot as it is in such close vicinity to the point of collision.

 In this part of the ship reports of screams, cries, orbs of lights and the sound of gushing water are thought to be victims of this accident reliving their final moments.


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