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Cricket is known as Gentleman’s game. It’s a game of trendy calm players that can hold their temperament. These players have the beautiful ability to take decision that is right on moment. Runs can not measure not only the best players, by their attitude, calmness, human language. We will discuss about those players that are known as sportsman, Now.

AB De Villiers Picture

5. AB De Villiers (South Africa): A batsman of enterprise and spectacular self-confidence, as well as the skills and the temperament required to back up his purpose. A wicket-keeper who is perfectly at ease wear gloves and pads. AB De Villiers adjusts to the demands of cricket’s varied formats as as somebody of his abilities that are sufficient should do. He showed his ultimate cool, calm nature with a style that was devastating batting when he is on the pitch.

Mahela Jayawardane Picture

4. Mahela Jayawardane (Sri Lanka): dedicated with excellent hand-eye coordination along with a nice skill, Jayawardene scores his runs all over the wicket. Jayawardene is Easily one of the most elegant batsmen of his generation. He is famous for his coolness. Mr. Cool chased many large targets with his trendy attitude and also won. Into a captain who read the game well and wasn’t afraid to take chance, Jayawardene grew in the next half of his career. His reputation at the cool record at number 3.

Chris Gayle Picture

3. Chris Gayle (West Indies): A thrusting Jamaican left-hander batsman, Chris Gayle earned Himself a black mark on his first senior tour to England in 2000. Everyone likes to see his giant strikes but if you watch closely, you will observe that he doesn’t demonstrate any expression on his face.When he has turned up for West Indies, his combative loom has become an attacking weapon in its own right. His attitude with barbarous style grabbed many games. He’s at number 2 in this list.

Sachin Tendulkar Picture

2. Sachin Tendulkar (India): More the cricket God is leading in this record due to his attitude that is cool. Master has shown his temperament. You cannot locate him quarreling or sledging that a cricketer in the specialty. When players sledge him he give reply with his bat to them. Tendulkar stays, by a space, the cricketer in the world, although as the years on the global circuit took their control on the body, though only moderately, the air could have fadeed. Armed forces with a loathing for losing, and blessed with all the impatient of cricket minds, Sachin set about doing exactly what it took to become among the best batsmen in the world.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Picture

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (India): He stays calm during insanity, like a rock in a stormy ocean. The same percolates to his team. We attempt placing things in order when we encounter chaos. It is, instead, embraced by dhoni. Here, his skills to assimilate Look and Info at things from other angles, come in handy. Then his wisdom emerges. If often yields Positive results. Remember the final over from the 2016 World T20 game Against Bangladesh?


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