gang-rape in up

Woman went along with a relative when she was stopped midway to a relative’s place. The guys then tied the household member into a tree and raped the woman, said channel officer of Mau, Arun Pathak.

While police said a case registered on Friday the incident happened in Mau police station area on Monday. A woman in the Chitrakoot district of Uttar Pradesh was allegedly gang-raped by the six people and when she ask the police to help and narrated the incident to the officers present and to file a complaint, she was scolded to depart.

The girl said that when the clip went viral, she met with the superintendent of police (S.P) and just later that a case was registered. 14-second-long clip is of October 28, Police affirmed, adding that a case has been filed against six guys and the woman has been sent for medical evaluation.


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