This brutal crime has shaken the whole nation. yet another incident of murder (rape not confirmed yet) with 2 years old girl child.

On Sunday the child was missing from right outside of her house. Her Family, relatives, and neighbors search for her through the night before complaining about her missing the next morning. Three days later the incident the woman collects trash screamed when saw the dog nibbling the little body wrapped in cloth it gives off a foul odor and was full of maggots. So brazen was their act of revenge.

The child was strangled, her arm and leg were broken as her family alleges that the child eye was gouge out but police said the child eye was not gouged out it appeared so because the body was heavily decomposed.

The police says Zahid had taken the loan of 50,000 from girl’s grandfather and still owe him 10,000 over which two had fight two days before the girl was kidnapped.

The Aligarh police say strict charges under the protection of children from sexual offence (POCSO) has been added against the two accused zahid and two other men who help him hide the body allegedly.

It took a whole day and protest by the family for the police take action against Zahid, five policemen got suspended for not taking action urgently.

The case will also be investigated under the national security act and A special investigation team has been formed to probe the case.

The body of the child was hidden at the home of other accused said Zahid to police when asked.

The Family and Relatives of the child blocked the roads in protest on thrusday. The protester want the other family members of the arrested men also be arrested for the murder.

A hashtag using her name, trending on social media, has brought the case to national attention with celebrities, politicians, and others tweeting about it. Nearly 50,000 tweets expressing horror and outrage have been posted in the last 24 hours and the deluge hasn’t stopped. Most have called for the harshest possible punishment for the killers. “Barbaric and evil,” many have tweeted.

Meanwhile, two more accused were arrested on Saturday, including the wife of prime accused Zahid and his younger brother. Police have so far arrested four people in connection with the brutal murder.

The lawyer association made it clear that no one will appear in court for the accused.

It is one of the most heinous acts witnessed in recent times.


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