metro and buses free for women in delhi

The question here is why AAP(Aam admi party) proposed free bus, metro travel for Delhi women passengers. Ahead of assembly election expected in 2020.

The decision made by AAP took months, consultations were held and draft was planned. multiple sources confirmed that the decision made by AAP (Aam admi party) has not taken in swift. A senior minister of AAP said our agenda is to “encourage women to take public transportation.” AAP also said the policy decision will not need the approval of (LG) and (DMRC). some political party leader termed the proposal as a gambit and is to woo women voters. and also criticized AAP for outright gender issue, and questioned why not for the poor people who cannot afford metro fares? source confirmed that the first round of consultation was held with DMRC to get an average estimate of daily commuters, once the DMRC submits the final revenue a budget will be allocate. AAP confirmed auto rickshaws will not be included in this policy. As women security has been top agenda of AAP they have promised of attaching the CCTVs in the buses.


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