mysterious place

10. The stone forest – shilin stone forest, China.

when we think of greenery and smoothing wildlife there, the place will surprise you as you visit. what if i tell you that it is the stone forest? mysterious right! Well, right in the Yunnan Province of China lays this one of a kind mysterious Shilin Stone Forest.

The forest is covered with multitudinous towering limestone spread across 96000 acres making it look like the stone forest. this forest is visited by thousands of tourists.

9. Blood fall, Antarctica.

A snowy mountain bathing with blood fall, sounds unbelievable right. well you have the blood waterfall staining the white Taylor Glacier. Isn’t is surprising to see the blood waterfall hues every time it flows.

The scientific reason is that the lake consist rich iron due to which it occurs red in color. the water which flows from the lake creates this red hues and make it looks as if blood is flowing out into the water.

8. External flame fall, orchard park, New York.

Here is another creepy place in new York’s orchard park. In the far Shale Creek preserve a section of Chestnut Ridge Park one can see a flickering flame burning inside a tiny waterfall. once you start staring at it, it appears bright. you might ignore it at the first.

Everyday lot of methane gas is escaped from this place which makes it inflammable. when you see the unfold magic which will astonish to see. when the fire is extinguish from the water voila it lits again.

7. Jatinga, India.

Jatinga, a village on a ridge, is located in Dima Hasao district Assam state in India. over the last 100 years, thousands of birds have flown to death. After the month of monsoon, usually in September and October the bird migrate from one point to another.

When they pass the village unusual behavior of the birds seems to occur due to the peculiar weather conditions at Jatinga. well the death remains largely unexplained.

6. Longyearbyen, Norway.

Sett fra Platåfjellet november 2010

Imagine few months of day light and never experiencing the night time. Sound something unusual again right?

Well, this Norwegian archipelago lying in the north of Greenland in the Arctic Sea experience only daylight from April 20 to August 23.

the people residing here does not get a chance to witness the starlit night during this time. Nights will become stories for them during this time. During these periods the sun never set over the Svalbard archipelago.

Believe it or not it actually, happens at this place every year.

Amazed to know right, but don’t forget to explore the beauty of these places.

5. Magnetic hill, Ladakh.

The Magnetic Hill in Ladakh is a road stretching on the Leh to Kargil national highway in the Himalayan region. Magnetic Hill of Ladakh is also known as the ‘gravity hill’ since the area layout and the surrounding land creates an optical illusion by making a downhill slope appear to be an uphill slope.

So, if a car is kept in neutral gear, it will start rolling uphill against gravity up to 20 Km per hour speed on its own. It is conceived that this mysterious wonder happens due to magnetic force.

Hence the aircraft flying on this region increase its altitude to escape the influence of the magnetic field. Some people just drive through this region without knowing this effect.

But those who know would stop their car at the spot to experience this mystical happening. This effect will work only at the right spot not anywhere else.

4. Islands of the dolls, mexico.

The place, which is actually a floating garden, is currently a home of hundreds of terrifying, mutilated dolls.Their severed limbs, decapitated heads, and blank eyes hung on trees, fences and nearly every available surface.

The dolls appear menacing even in the bright light of midday, but in the dark, they are particularly haunting. people have heard them whispering and calling people in the forest.

The truth behind the story is still a mystery.

3. Moeraki Boulder, New Zealand.

Let me take you to another place which holds a different mystery for you. Most people considered it to be some giant stone eggs laid right on the beach while some people are still trying to figure it out.

Koekohe Beach in New Zealand and is a rare sight to watch where one can find numerous mammoth boulders scattered around the place With its green and brown views.

These spherical rocks grow up to 12-feet in circumference. People believe that these are a result of a plethora of minerals and sediments which have accumulated and solidified around the fossil.

Sound some kind of mystery right?

2. Aokighara, Japan.

Have you heard of movie buff and mystery hunter if not then here is one. Aokighara Forest in Japan. Back in 2016 the movie The Forest shows about the spooky and eeriness of this forest which has been haunting people ever since. Also, known as the Suicide Forest, Aokighara is located at the foothills of Mount Fuji in Japan.

Many cases of haunting and apparitions are said to have been felt inside the forest. More than 500 people are believed to have committed suicide in this forest. Although this forest is considered as the most enchanting forest in the world the haunting makes this one of a kind.

1. Bermuda Triangle.

Mystery around the notorious Bermuda Triangle continues to intrigue scientists as well as regular people. There are numerous theories and possibilities surrounding it, but no concrete conclusions that unravel the secret behind the weird disappearance of ships and flights passing the Triangle’s territory.

Bermuda Triangle and its stories became a rage in 1970s. Many pilots and sea-navigators came forward to share the tales of mishappening and accounts of loss.

Many such Bermuda Triangle stories were found to be fake, created in order to gain publicity, while others were backed with solid proofs.


  1. The Gomantong Caves in Malaysia are geographical wonders, with limestone walls reaching up to 300 feet in some spots, but visitors often leave the site describing it as one of the most disgusting wildlife experiences they’ve ever had. First things first, Gomantong is home to more than two million bats, which leads to impossibly thick layers of


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