The Ram setu bridge is natural or man-made this debate is going on from years.There are many interesting facts about Ram Setu.

There are many theories that states whether the bridge is man-made or natural, but there is no such evidence of it being natural or man-made.

Scientific studies have determined that the bridge is formed naturally by the limestone shoals where as the Hindu religious theories state that the bridge is constructed by the Lord Rama and his vanara (monkey) Army. It is also mentioned in the epic Ramayana.

According to Hindu Mythology it was build by the Lord Rama with help of vanara (monkey) army. He constructed the bridge in (5000 BCE) in order to rescue his wife Sita from Ravan who kidnapped and imprison her.

The studies of oceanography suggests that the bridge is 7000 years old. it syn with the date of Ramayana. it was also walkable till 15th century.

The Rama Setu bridge is also known as Adam’s bridge.

The project called Setu Samudaram proposed to built the bridge over the Palk Strait. The idea behind the project was to have a shortcut from Pamban island to Mannar island in Sri Lanka.

But the Hindus opposed the project by saying that it is a holy site no man-made bridge should be constructed over it whereas from scientific prospective this project might destroy the the natural reef which is existed from the long time.

The bridge is inside the water the ships cannot sail on it because the water is shallow with the level of depth varying at certain point. Therefore the ships from India have to take another route to reach Sri Lanka.

It is also said that the bright constructed by the Lord Rama and his vanara (monkey) Army is with the help of Floating stone. This stone are scattered around rameswaram even to this day.

Science theory state that the stones are volcanic stones they float in water.

The question still remain the same that the bridge is whether natural or man-made?



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