We all know, Beijing is the capital city of Republic of China and it is one of the oldest & most populated towns of the world. Similarly, they have a rich background and houses to many ancient structures, while on the other, it is a superb exemplory case of modernisation.

So we are here with the list of Top 10 and best places that you can’t miss to go to on the tour to Beijing:

1. The Great Wall of China

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This man-made wonder and is merely one hour from Beijing. There is absolutely no doubt that it’s one of the very most popular and historic sites of not only China, however the globe as well. It was built-in the 16th century but it was open up for tourists to go to in 1950s.

2. The Temple of Heaven

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This old temple is manufactured in two parts, one which is rectangular and the other part is semi-circular plus it is said that they represent heaven and earth. It was built-in 1420 and it is one of a few of the holiest structures of the city.

3. The Imperial Palace or the Forbidden City

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The Imperial Palace which is also famous as the Forbidden City. It was built in the 13th century through the reigns of the Yuan Dynasty, although it got expanded hugely through the rule of the Ming Dynasty.

4. The Summer Palace

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Built-in the 12th century, the summertime Palace spreads within an area greater than 700 acres which is one of the very most beautiful sites where you can reach in only thirty minutes from the center of the town.

5. Coal Hill Park

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From here, a visitor can get some good magnificent views of Beijing, especially on the Imperial Palace and Beihai park lake. It really is a man-made hill where coal was used to be stored through the guideline of the Ming dynasty.

6. Beijing Zoo and Aquarium

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Yes, It is one of the oldest zoos of Beijing as well as China. It had been setup in the first 1900s and there are almost 15k pets of 1000 different varieties including some uncommon ones.

7. Tiananmen Square

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The meaning of Tiananmen Square is square of the heavenly peace and it was built in 1958 to celebrate completion of a decade of Republic of China. They have a capacity of around one million people.

8. Beihai Park

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This park get its name from the lake which is close by to it and it is one of the oldest parks of Beijing. It is connected to the 10th century. There are numerous monuments and structures which deserve to be frequented on your tour to Beijing.

9. Beijing National Stadium

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Do you remember the 2008 Summer Olympics? Yes, This was the stadium were organized. It is the beautiful and majestic Country wide Stadium. There is absolutely no question about the actual about huge money provide it to give it a distinctive look.

10. Beijing Capital Museum

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It is one of the very most famous museums of China that was were only available in 1981. It’s a essential visit place for artwork and culture lover as there are numerous historic artifacts which pertain to Chinese language background and Asian background.



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